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We source what the customer wants

We provide a service that sources what the customer needs, whether that is a complete machine or a single part. We buy, sell and distribute specific requirements of used machinery. We possess a sound knowledge of all machinery and parts, including head boxes, press sections, drying sections, rewinders and unreeling. We represent many high quality manufacturing companies in this field, and therefore have the best prerequisites to source what you need. Since we deal in used machinery, we are not reliant on the manufacturer, and source exactly the customer’s requirements. Our technical competence and the vast experience of our sales team allows us to either source or market your exact requirements in the best way. Send us your requirements on our online form, specify what you need and we will work hard to find the optimum solution for you. We will reply with a quotation and specification as quickly as possible.

Ahlstrom/Sulzer, APP Pumps

We collaborate with Ahlstrom/Sulzer for the delivery of both new and used pumps and spare parts.

Shipping – we deliver worldwide

We provide a worldwide shipping service and have delivered machinery between Scandinavia and Brazil, Finland to Dubai, South Korea to Indonesia, Norway to Egypt.


We can dismantle, pack and load your machinery. Send an enquiry, and we’ll get straight back to you.


Individual machines – we source a wide range of equipment for paper making and finishing

Don't hesitate to make an enquiry, here are some examples of individual machines that we source: air motors, agitators, bark press, bearings, blowers, calender, chests, coarse separators, converting machines, fans, filters, generators, gearboxes, headboxes, heat exchangers, hydraulic motors, hydraulic pumps, miscellaneous, mixers, motors AC, motors DC, overhead cranes, pulleys, pulpers, pump spare parts, pumps, reel splitters, reel wrappers, refiner spare parts, refiners/deflakers, rolls, screen baskets, screens, screw feeders, screw presses, vacuum pumps, variators and winders/rewinders ...

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